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The Israel Society for the Development of Consciousness

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And Mrs. Gila Buyum Chairman


Our organization "the Israel Society for the Development of consciousness" was established as a non-profit organization at the beginning of 1984. We are dealing with Parapsychology, Mystical sciences, Kabala and Jewish studies, Methods of Consciousness, prediction and more. Since then we are the main leading metaphysical organization in Israel.

Our activities include lectures, national conferences, workshops, publication of books and a magazine, which was published until 1988. We are acting in two main centers, in Haifa and Tel-Aviv, and since 1984, more than 500 people have lectured in our organization. We have about 5000 members on our mailing list.






About myself

I originally became interested in metaphysics during my studies at the "Israeli Institute of Technology" (Technion) in Haifa. I graduated in 1978 with B.S.C in Computer Science and began working in the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a computer scientist.

During this period I became involved in the establishment of the "Israeli Society for the Development of Consciousness" and Since the death of the former chairman Mr. Eliau Alkobi and my partner in 1986, I have been serving as the chairman. I left my place of work at 1987 and since then I have dedicated myself completely to the area of metaphysics. I was also the editor of our Magazine "Consciousness" until 1988.


In 1990 I was discovered to be a gifted medium, and I am therefore doing private counseling by using original Past Life Astrology, Karmatic Numerology, Tarot Cards, Pendulum Dowsing and Crystals Readings, subjects which I also teach in courses at our organization and in other locations all over Israel.

I also do private sittings with Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Channeling.


I am mostly interested in the connection between science and metaphysics, and have original ideas about the connection of the new Mathematical theory of Chaos and the old Hebrew kabala, about mysterious energies which were used in ancient civilizations (also by the old Hebrews), The Hebrew letters as energetic codes in connection with 'Yetzira book' (The book of Formation, the oldest Kabalistic book known), ideas about the Bible as a secret document for metaphysical truths, secret knowledge of Atlantis, and more.

I am a Tarot Investigator, and Developed a Theory about Atlantis as the origin For The Tarot Cards and Hebrew Letters, with the connection to the body parts and organs.



List of publications of mine:


1. Wilhelm Reich and His Research in Life Energy, 1983

2. Near Death Experiences in Israel, Co-Author with Eliau Alkobi, 1984

3. Crystals for Healing and spiritual Development, 1991

4. The World of U.F.O, Editor, 1991

5. The Secrets of Tarot prediction, Part 1, 1991

6. The Secrets of Tarot prediction, Part 2, 1992

7. The Secrets of Tarot prediction, Part 3, 1994




List of main articles of mine at our magazine "Consciousness":


1. The Origin of Man on Planet Earth, No. 26, 1986.

2. Symbols and Mystery in Ancient Civilizations, No. 27, 1987.

3. The connection Between the Biblical Flood Story & Jewish Festivals, 1988.

4. Radionics and the Art of Dowsing, no. 29, 1989.





Please contact us if you would like to run a workshop in Israel, or if you like to invite us abroad or for any information about spiritual life in Israel. We will be more than happy to cooperate.



Gila Buyum

P.O.B 4973, Haifa, Israel

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